♡☛fics r us☚♡ (augmenti) wrote in kissmebang,
♡☛fics r us☚♡

Final Deadline!

Hello all, I hope you've had a fun time writing! All fic drafts must be submitted to kitkeyy@gmail.com by the end of June 8th in whatever time zone you are in, with the following form in the body of your e-mail:

This part is important, but please post your fic in your own journal/community and post the form above in the e-mail. This is to allow you to keep your fic wherever you'd like without having to re-post it elsewhere.

We will post the form in its individual posts, which will be cross-posts to your story. You may crosspost to other fic communities when you post, but we'd ask that you wait until after the 8th to do so. Thank you and good luck in the final stretch!
Tags: !final deadline, !mod
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